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Alco Product’s Exterior Home Design Trends for 2021 

Choosing your color and design for your upcoming home exterior remodel may seem like a difficult and stress-inducing endeavor. From the various options of windows, siding, roofing, and doors, there are several decisions to make when it comes to color, design, customizations, and style for your home. These Exterior Trends for 2021 are designed to help you make smart style choices for your upcoming exterior home remodel along with obtaining a long-lasting design for your home.

Let us take some of the stress of decision-making and dive into Alco Products’ trends and styles to keep an eye on for 2021. 

Shades and Tones

Balanced, Natural Colors

Continuing on from the well-favored trend of 2020, balanced and natural colors continue to be a great way to find harmony for your home. These shades and tones draw inspiration from the beautiful colors of the outdoors.  Having a home that is inspired by natural colors can bring harmony, peace, and balance to your home and life.  Tones such as earthy greens, greys, and blues. 


James Hardie website mentions that the colors to watch this upcoming year will be: 


Hardie Board Colors

                 Aged Pewter                      Deep Ocean                              Timber Bark                Mountain Sage


Deep and Dark to set Apart

To be on the opposite side of the spectrum, deep and dark exterior home colors and tones have continued to rise in popularity since the 2010s. Most homeowners tend to steer away from anything too dark or nontraditional. Luckily, Alco Products offer a special tool to visualize the specific siding colors on your home before installing the siding of your choice. The app will allow you to see the appearance of the darker tones versus the lighter tones on your home. Furthermore, your assigned Design Consultant is able to advise you on other exterior design updates such as trim, customized natural wood accents, and more.  


The home below features a Modern Farmhouse design with James Hardie siding in a custom black shade with a natural wood accent as referred to above. 

hardie ranch style

Design and Functionality

Twist on the Traditional Take 

Hardie Farmhouse

A Modern Farmhouse look has continued to grow in popularity. This combines the long-loved Farmhouse look with a modernized look. According to, Modern Farmhouses tend to have two-over-two windows, metal roofing accents, porch with Board and Batten Siding.   James Hardie offers Board and Batten siding to accentuate your dreams of a Modern Farmhouse. As pictured, incorporating natural wood into your home will bring the equilibrium experience you have been looking for. 


Standout Exterior Door 


Red  door pop

Your front door is especially important as it is the door that your neighbors, friends, and family will see. One of the simplest ways to enhance your curb appeal is to upgrade the front door of your home. Alco Products offers a few different product lines such as ProVia Doors and Marvin Doors.  Deciding which door works best for your home and your family depends on various factors that your Design Consultant at Alco Products can help decipher which style, color, type, and design fit into your idea of your dream home. 

Here are a few trends for a Stand-out door

 Pop of Color

The exterior door of your home can boost home value in an inexpensive way. Adding a pop of color to your home with a brightly colored door can bring your home warmth, curb appeal, and unique customization. 

Add glass elements

Adding varying glass designs can bring natural, bright light into your home. Natural light continues to be a trend as it brings the beauty of the outdoors within your home. Glass designs are available and customizable depending on the door and style. 

Customized hardware 

Specialty hardware is a great way to upgrade your door and add hardware that will bring attention to your new home exterior door.  ProVia Hardware options vary from functionality to long-lasting brass doorknobs. 


Alco Products Remodel: James Hardie Modern Farmhouse with ProVia Stand out Door

Hardie Arlington

Alco Products remodeled rather traditional home in Arlington, Va with various aspects of a Modern Farmhouse with Board and Batten siding along with metal roofing. Another trend that was added to the homeowners’ remodel was their ProVia standout color door in a custom shade of blue. This added pop of color expresses the homeowner’s personality and aligns with the trends to watch for the upcoming year of 2021. 


View the extended story on our Featured Home Exterior Projects page. 


Having a preferred contractor who is informed to help you create the home of your dreams will release the stress of having to know exactly what you want going into a consultation. Whether it is being an expert on the latest trends, choosing your color scheme, or miscellaneous construction projects, Alco is here to guide you through the decision-making process as it is the first step of completing your home exterior remodel project.  

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