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Old windows can make your home drafty and uncomfortable, and drain your air conditioning and heating. Dysfunctional, outdated windows make a home look drab and uninviting—leaving homeowners frustrated and dissatisfied with their windows. Improve your home’s indoor comfort and energy efficiency with durable, beautiful looking fiberglass windows.

At Alco Products, we understand the challenges homeowners face when choosing replacement windows. That’s why for over 60 years, we’ve helped homeowners with over 100,000 installations—the right way. We assess your window needs, and present options that will best match your specific situation and budget. You’ll enjoy a seamless installation process, and get peace of mind knowing your windows are sound, and will last for years to come.

The value of fiberglass replacement windows can’t be underestimated, particularly in the Washington DC, Alexandria, VA, and Potomac, MD areas. The climate in the DC Metro area can be extreme, and fiberglass window replacement gives you and your family the indoor comfort you’re sure to love year-round—in spite of the weather outside. And attractive, long-lasting, premium fiberglass windows boost your home’s security and resale value too!

High performing fiberglass windows offer a variety of tangible paybacks to homeowners. Here are a few of our favorite benefits of fiberglass windows:

1. Durable

Fiberglass windows are extremely durable and can last up to 80 years! They are much more durable than their competition such as wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Wood windows can absorb moisture, which can lead to wood rot. Aluminum can corrode, and vinyl isn’t as strong as fiberglass material.

Fiberglass windows stand up to extreme weather conditions. It is impact resistant (think hard hats and canoes—because they are fiberglass). While other window materials buckle or deform under pressure, durable fiberglass windows distribute the impact load and prevent surface damage. Fiberglass windows don’t warp, rot, rust, corrode, shrink, or crack. They hold up even when subject to extreme temperatures and wear.

2. Energy Saving

Energy efficient fiberglass windows are not only used in residential properties, but also in today’s new construction on high-end commercial buildings. They help decrease your utility bills as they keep the air conditioning inside during the summer, and heat inside each winter. They can actually decrease energy costs by 20%- 40%. They don’t expand and contract, and therefore decrease the possibility of the hassle of caulking cracks. When it comes to water infiltration, they offer year-round superior performance.

Indoor comfort abounds with fiberglass windows due to their superior insulation properties. When indoor temperatures are consistent throughout your home, it makes for a delightful home atmosphere—largely due to fiberglass windows. They decrease the need to bundle up under multiple layers of clothes indoors each winter, and keep you cool in the summer, making them a top choice for replacement windows in the DC area.


Are fiberglass windows right for your home?

3. Customizable

Fiberglass windows offer the opportunity for just about any window shape. They are even a great design option for those with uniquely shaped windows. They look beautiful, and come in a variety of color and style options.

Choose from a factory finish, or decide to finish your windows yourself after they are installed. Choose to clad fiberglass windows in a natural wood look for warm, classic style. If you prefer, paint your windows the color of your choice to match your home’s architecture and style.

4. Beautiful

Thinner fiberglass window frames can allow for larger panes of glass in your windows, giving you greater views of the outdoors, and more natural light teeming through your windows. Brighten your day—indoors—with sleek, fiberglass replacement windows.

Boost your curb appeal with attractive fiberglass window installation. Elegant fiberglass windows add a stylish element to your home’s interior and exterior. Their sleek frames have a modern look that homeowners love.

5. Long lasting

Wood windows may look beautiful, but their life expectancy is only 15-20 years if they are sealed and maintained well. When wood windows aren’t well maintained, they may only last 10-12 years. In contrast, fiberglass windows can last over 80 years with minimal maintenance. These could literally be the only windows you have to buy in your lifetime due to their stalwart makeup and reliability.

Fiberglass windows give you decades of great performance and even stand up against UV rays, protecting your furniture from fading.

6. Strong

Fiberglass window frames are 8 times stronger than vinyl, offering you greater performance for decades. They stand up to the elements with ease due to their strong makeup.

7. Safe

Your family’s safety is of primary importance, and fiberglass windows offer you superior strength, and reduce the possibility of intruders entering your home through a window. Also, they meet the requirements for egress windows.

8. Noise blocking

Fiberglass windows decrease the possibility of street noise, aircraft sounds, and heavy equipment operation noises that can at times be heard indoors when windows are single paned, old, or faulty. New fiberglass windows allow you to enjoy the peaceful, restful atmosphere you desire inside your home, and dim the unexpected outdoor noises from intruding your home.

9. Low maintenance

Unlike high maintenance wood windows, fiberglass windows offer you easy, low maintenance.

10. Green

Environmentally friendly fiberglass windows are easily recycled. Fiberglass window production takes 80% less energy to make than other window types.

11. Insulation

Fiberglass windows resist drafts, don’t conduct heat or cold, and perform great in any climate.

12. Pest resistant

Fiberglass windows resist insects and other types of pest infestation; and they resist the damage woodpeckers can sometimes cause wood window frames.

13. Resale value

Boost your home’s resale value with durable fiberglass windows. Enjoy a high return on your investment (ROI), and cause your home to stand out in the marketplace with beautiful fiberglass windows.

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Alco Products services the DC Metro area and specializes in fiberglass window installation. Enjoy years of performance from beautiful fiberglass windows, a wise investment with tremendous ROI. See our Window Installation services today!