When your exterior doors get old or worn out, your home’s safety can become compromised. If your doors begin to retain moisture, trouble can result. When exterior doors no longer protect your home from weather such as cold temperatures, wind, rain, or snow, it’s time to invest in replacement doors. This simple home upgrade can add to your dwelling’s beauty, give you greater protection from the elements, and safeguard your home from intruders.

Here are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy when you replace your DC Metro home’s exterior doors.

The Value of New Replacement Doors

1. Energy Efficiency

Replacement doors help your home stay warmer each winter and cooler each summer. Steel and fiberglass doors are filled with foam insulation and include built-in weather stripping to create a reliable barrier from the weather. Doors filled with insulation are five times better at insulating your home than solid wood doors, making them a wise long-term choice for your home. Save on utilities throughout the year with an energy-efficient exterior replacement door.

2. Security

Boost your home’s security with replacement doors. Today’s locking mechanisms make replacement doors super secure, increasing your family and home’s protection throughout the year. Replacement door designs are layered to protect you from intruders. Wide angled peepholes, stronger doors, and bolt-locking systems combine to give you peace of mind when it comes to your home security.

3. Curb Appeal

New exterior doors give your home a fabulous look. Select a door style that complements your home architecture and matches your style preferences to boost curb appeal and increase home value. Highlight your home’s beauty with a crisp new front entry door. Add a pop of color and visual interest to your front entry door by choosing bright hues such as red or yellow. If you prefer a subtle, crisp look, consider soft green or blue hues.

4. Durability

The beauty of steel and fiberglass doors are their long-term strength. Wood doors can sometimes warp due to moisture retention, but new fiberglass or steel doors come with superior weather resistance and durability.

5. Low Maintenance

While wood doors require regular painting to keep them sealed, fiberglass and steel doors require little to no maintenance. They are covered in an oil-based paint to protect them from weather, and they simply need to be washed periodically to keep them looking fabulous.

6. Cost-Effective Upgrade

New exterior doors give your home a revitalized look for minimal cost. This affordable upgrade delivers outstanding beauty and exceptional function for your home.

Benefits of a New Entry Door

Entry doors give you the opportunity to complement your home with a pop of color and style while delivering added security to your home. Here are some of the benefits of a new front door:

  • Welcome guests—When you install a new front door, your guests will feel welcomed from the moment they step foot on your porch.
  • Boost curb appeal—Entry doors increase your home’s overall look, increasing curb appeal and home value.
  • Express your style—Entry doors give you the opportunity to express your style and add visual interest to your home.
  • Customize to meet your needs—Entry doors come in a variety of designs and colors. Choose from solid doors, composite doors with foam insulation, or doors with glass or stained glass inlays.
  • Resist weather elements—Entry doors shield your home from severe weather including snow, ice, wind and rain.
  • Get the best material for your door—Entry doors come in various materials:
    • Fiberglass composite entry door—These durable entry doors mimic the look of wood and deliver a low-maintenance, high-performance front door for you to enjoy for years to come.
    • Steel entry door—Get the highest level of security for your home with a strong, energy-efficient steel entry door.
    • Wood entry door—Perfect for historic homes, genuine wood grain gives you an unmatched authentic look for your front door.

Benefits of a New Patio Door

Get the look and function you desire with a new sliding glass patio door. Here are some of the advantages patio doors bring to your home:

Save on floor space

Because there are no hinges, sliding glass patio doors give you easy entry to your backyard without taking up floor space inside your home.

Improve energy efficiency

Double-paned glass patio doors give you greater savings on utilities throughout the year.

Enjoy a customized sliding glass door

Choose your patio door frame material, attractive locking mechanisms, and the best glass package for your needs to get the perfect look and function for your home.

Extend your home’s space

Patio doors give you seamless transitions from your home interior to your back deck or outdoor space—extending the area in which you can both enjoy daily life and entertain guests.

Signs It’s Time for Replacement Doors

  • Does your home interior get drafty near your doors?
  • Is your current door faulty?
  • Are you ready to give your home a refreshing new look?
  • Is it tough to open or close your current exterior doors?
  • Did your exterior doors incur damage?
  • Are there signs of moisture penetration on your exterior doors or frames?
  • Are your current exterior doors outdated?
  • Do the locking mechanisms on your exterior doors fail to work properly?
  • Are there blemishes on your current exterior doors?

Why Choose Alco Products for Exterior Door Installation

At Alco Products, we understand how challenging it can be to sift through the components that go into choosing the best new door for your home. We’re here to guide you through replacement door styles and features to match your preferences and ensure your long-term satisfaction with your new doors.

For more detailed information on new exterior doors, take a look at our Replacement Door Buying Guide.

At Alco Products, we offer precision installation for your exterior doors—to protect your family while adding beauty to your home.