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Replacement windows are a significant investment, so it pays to research the pros and cons of various options before choosing window components. The first and primary decision that needs to be made when it comes to windows is their frame material. Fiberglass is a high performing, durable, reliable material, while vinyl offers affordability along with dependable function—but wood clad still remains a sought after look for historical homes like many you find in the D.C. Metro area.

Here are some facts about wood clad replacement window material.

Wood Clad Windows Defined

Wood windows give you the warm, classic look you love inside your home. The beauty of wood clad windows is the fact that they marry the best of both interior looks and exterior protective elements. The difference between a traditional aluminum window and a wood clad window with an aluminum exterior is that the traditional aluminum window is 100% aluminum, while the clad window has a wood frame—seen indoors—and an aluminum exterior—visible outdoors.

  • Interior surface of wood clad windows—Traditional wood (options include pine, mahogany, white oak, fir, and cherry)
  • Exterior surface of wood clad windows—Weather resistant exterior frame made of aluminum or vinyl

The Benefits of Wood Clad Windows

1. Fabulous looking

Other window materials attempt to mimic wood, but there’s nothing quite like the genuine look of wood. Wood’s timeless beauty brings a warmth to your home like no other material option. And it’s perfect for homeowners of historic homes who want the authentic look of wood to complement their period-specific design.

2. Long-lasting

Weather can be tough on home exteriors. But wood clad replacement windows are so durable, they last decades when they are cared for properly—in spite of D.C. weather. Its strong finish helps hold its color and retain its beauty. These are just a few of the many benefits Marvin wood clad windows bring to D.C. homeowners.

3. Resale value

When you’ve invested in wood clad replacement windows and you choose to sell your home, you’re in a good position to attract buyers. Homeowners get up to 85% return on investment (ROI) on their wood clad windows.

4. Reliable insulation

Wood is a natural insulator and blocks heat transfer, making your home interior consistently comfortable. Enjoy energy savings with the added insulation offered by wood windows. They resist air infiltration in the home, so your heat stays inside each winter and your air conditioning stays indoors each summer.

5. Noise reduction

Decrease noise infiltration inside your home with wood clad replacement windows. You’ll hear less aircraft, heavy equipment, and street noise. And you can watch your favorite movie with surround sound without bothering your neighbors.

6. Customization options

While the exterior finish comes in a variety of color options, you can paint or stain the interior of your wood clad windows to complement your home design.

7. Eco-friendly

One of the great things about real wood windows is that they are renewable resources and break down into the soil once their lifespan has ended; and aluminum is recyclable. And while vinyl may end up in a landfill taking up space, wood will not.

8. Historic homes

If your historic home calls for period specific materials, wood windows are a must. The benefit to choosing wood clad is the extra protection you get from the elements due to the aluminum exterior. Face it, wood can retain moisture and cause problems like wood rot or pest infestation. When your interior wood is protected by the exterior aluminum, you get the best of both exterior protection and interior beauty.

Style and Design Options

The inviting style of wood clad windows adds a finishing touch of class to your home. Natural wood clad windows are gorgeous, and they bring interior design to a new level. Pick from muted colors to colors that pop and sleek finishes that complement contemporary homes. Select shapes that accent the best qualities in your home. Choose from specialty shapes, double hung, round top, stationary transom, picture window, casement window, and more. There are a variety of choices you need to make when selecting wood clad replacement window components, such as:

  • Exterior finish—Get a dependable finish on your extruded aluminum exterior finished in commercial grade paint that resists fading.
  • Interior finish—Choose from natural, stained, or painted wood.
  • Sticking options—The interior edge detail where glazing meets wood is sometimes called “bead” or “sticking.” Choose square sticking for a clean, contemporary look or Ovolo sticking for a classic look.
  • Hardware—Get high performance hardware that looks gorgeous in your home. Choose from traditional to contemporary options.
  • Glass—Get energy-efficient double pane glass with Low E coating and argon insulating gas. Decorative glass options available.
  • Screens—Standard full or half screen options are available with aluminum. Choose from multiple finish options.
  • Home automation—Gain up-to-the-minute knowledge on your home’s windows, regardless of your location.

Marvin Wood Clad Replacement Windows

Marvin Replacement Windows combines timeless beauty with state-of-the-art window performance in both fiberglass and wood clad window options. As experts in wood clad windows, Marvin gives you fabulous features that last including:Marvin ARC

  • Versatile—Windows available up to 10.5 feet high, and up to 5.5 feet wide.
  • Convenient security—Auto-locks on these windows activate when windows are closed.
  • Low maintenance—Easy cleaning of both interior glass and exterior glass from the convenience of indoors.
  • Screen—A retractable screen is almost invisible when it isn’t in use.
  • Smart home—Hidden Lock Status Sensor connects with your smart home so you can know when windows are closed and locked.
  • High performance—Available with commercial windows performance certification.
  • Strong hardware—For smooth window operation.
  • Durable—Available with IZ3 hurricane certification.

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