At Alco, we take pride in doing exterior remodeling- the Right Way.   It is often that homeowners put off home remodeling projects until warmer weather arrives. Although, when it comes to scheduling an exterior home to remodel, there is no particular time that is best when hiring a contractor to complete your necessary exterior projects. Each and every season brings different advantages and disadvantages to remodeling the exterior of your home. From saving time, money, and making way for future ambitions, remodeling in the Wintertime actually has its fair share of benefits. So why wait for the warmer months to upgrade your home? 

Alco Products is here to share with you our 5 Advantages of hiring an elite contractor during the cold, Wintertime months. 

1. Contractor Availability

Your time is important to us yearlong.  Although, it is not a secret that contractors tend to be busier during the warmer months. This results in bookings potentially backing up due to demand. Therefore, an installation scheduled in the warmer months may be extended a few weeks out. With demand considerably being down in the colder months, it is easier to hire a highly-rated preferred contractor such as Alco Products.  The open availability can allow for flexibility and a personalized experience with your Care team at Alco that will guide you through the entire exterior remodel process. From start to finish, your Care team will guide you through the process. 

2. Quicker Approvals 

Permits can be a hassle and tend to take longer to gain approvals during the busy season.   This disadvantage of hiring during the busy season can extend the length of the start-date and the completion-date of the exterior home remodel, which ultimately will minimize the time the homeowner can enjoy their home during the warmer months. Luckily, all the government offices tend to be slower in the winter months, there is a quicker approval process for the permits that are required to complete your project. This factors into the project completion and again, shortens the length of the project, bringing you to your dream home sooner than you can imagine. 

3. More Time for Summertime Fun


Wintertime remodeling projects are a great way to complete your dream home and enjoy it thoroughly once the warmer weather arrives. There are multiple advantages of finishing your home remodel now versus the latter. There are many advantages that Alco likes to offer to our clients when considering the timing of their exterior home remodel investment. Scheduling a home remodeling project in the busy season could potentially prevent you from vacation, enjoying the outdoors of your home along with the added stress while under construction. Hiring Alco Products this season may even allow more freedom for your pets and children to play in the yard without being cautious of the installation project around. Better yet, an improved yard that catches all of your neighbor’s attention. Overall, investing now in your home rather than later will save you future ambitions and enjoyment.  Simply getting your installation “out of the way” will add more ease in the coming months. 


4. Prepare for Springtime Real Estate Market


Spring comes fast and completing your home renovation projects will boost your curb appeal, home confidence, and ultimately the value of your home. If you are interested in increasing your home’s value,  Alco Products offers a variety of instant curb appeal and value-boosting products to increase your home’s value.  Dive into the options of James Hardie siding, Marvin windows, and TimberTech decking to enhance your home. James Hardie siding is said to be the #1 return on investment of any major home exterior remodeling as it increases your home’s appraisal value. Even if not deciding to put your home on the market, increasing your home’s appraised value has short-term and long-term benefits when it comes to refinancing and preparing for the unexpected. 

5. Great Savings

When the temperature drops, the demand for products tends to decrease. Therefore, manufacturers and suppliers are usually able to lower their prices. Therefore, these savings trickle down to the homeowner during the cold months. Luckily for you, Alco offers the lowest prices of the year with our end of year Specials Offers.  Check out a wide range of discounts on high-end products such as James Hardie siding and Marvin Windows.   Explore your options and on these great savings to those who chose to go forward with Siding, Window, Roofing, and Decking installations.  


December Monthly Specials - Don't Miss Out!


 20% off James Hardie Siding Project (minimum 10 sq or 1000 combined feet)

 10% off Vinyl Siding Project (minimum 10 sq or 1000 combined feet)

Windows & Doors*

 10% off Marvin Windows or Doors Installation

 Buy 4 Vinyl Windows get 1 Free

 10% off Provia Door project

*$5,000 minimum project


 20% off Roofing Project (Landmark Pro or above)

 25% off gutters and downspouts with roof or siding


 20% off all Azek Decking and Railing

*$5,000 minimum project

Save up to 25% off on certain projects and continue to reap the additional benefits of having a preferred contractor complete your home exterior remodeling project this winter. 

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