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As you may know, it can be rather cold during the winter months in the D.C. Metro area. The colder the weather, the more issues that tend to arise from the extreme outdoor elements. James Hardie siding has several benefits and most importantly there are no limitations on the time of the year you can install America’s #1 rated siding on your home. Why wait to reap the benefits of Hardie siding until the Springtime? 


4 Benefits of Installing Hardie Siding in the Winter 


1. Better  thermal performance

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James Hardie siding is 5x thicker compared to vinyl. It can resist the damage from wind, rain, hail, and the below-freezing temperatures that the Wintertime brings to the D.C Metro area.  In addition to the increased exterior protection, your home’s thermal performance is also increased when Hardie is installed. Naturally, your home’s heat will flow from warmer to cooler spaces. In the winter, your heat will flow directly through your ceilings, walls, and floors – wherever there is a difference in temperature, from all heated living spaces to the outdoors. This causes a loss in thermal performance.   Properly insulating your home will decrease this heat flow by providing an effective resistance to the flow of heat. The energy-efficient Hardie siding will give immediate results to your utility bill. Your home will be warmer, more protected, and with the increased thermal performance, more efficient.


2. Don’t worry about your landscaping  


Alco Products takes great pride and care in your landscaping year-round although wintertime lawns give additional benefits to completing an exterior remodel project. Imagine summertime arrives and you have just perfected your lawn. Exterior remodeling projects could potentially interfere with your beautiful landscape. One great benefit of installing Hardie siding in the Winter is that your home’s landscaping is easier to work around due to the winterization of your lawn. Therefore it is less likely to be affected by the home remodel. By hiring Alco to upgrade your home this winter, you will reap the benefits of not worrying about your precious, luscious landscaping having to be worked around.  Most importantly, as soon as the warmer weather arrives, your home will look as beautiful as your lawn! 


3. Stop the problems in their tracks


 As previously mentioned, most homeowners see issues arise during colder months as extreme weather conditions such as hail and cold wind can exacerbate already cracked, damaged, and missing siding pieces. These siding issues can get more serious over time if ignored. Issues as such can increase susceptibility to water damage and greatly lower the property value of your home.  Alco Products is here to stop the problems in their tracks with James Hardie siding. Hardie siding can diminish your problems and the results will be immediate.  Hardie Board is Engineered for Climate® and was created to withstand the weather based on your specific geographical region. For Alco Product’s service area, the D.C. Metro climate board is HardieZone 5.  By installing the specialized and customized board siding for your area code, your current siding cannot compete with such long-term, year-long results. 


4. Minimal upkeep


James Hardie siding requires little maintenance compared to other materials such as wood or vinyl. Hardie is equipped with the technology to endure outside elements, preventing you from providing maintenance in freezing temperatures. Attempting to provide maintenance to broken, cracked, or rotting siding is an endless battle in the Wintertime. Fortunately, it is recommended by James Hardie to simply hose twice a year along with using a medium bristle nylon brush as needed to remove dirt and grime.  Save your time, issues, and money now and have an expert installer of Hardie siding installed on your home.  


Keep in mind, regardless of the time of the year, there are superior benefits of installing James Hardie in your home. These benefits of better thermal performance, protecting your lawn, saving your home from damage, and the minimized winter upkeep are just a select few of the benefits Hardie can deliver. The sooner you install new siding, the sooner you will see the great results and reap the immediate benefits!   


Alco Products: James Hardie Elite Preferred 



Hardie Elite


Alco Products is a Hardie Elite Preferred contractor meaning we are fully trained to handle and install all the James Hardie products have to offer.  Along with our accreditations, Alco offers extremely convenient financing with a simple application process to begin building the home of your dreams. 

Here is an exciting tool to check out the Hover Visualizer tool, which allows you to customize and preview your home siding remodel before your project begins. 


Steps to Installing Your Hardie Siding  

When you hire a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor, your Hardie siding project should take somewhere around 10 to 12 days to complete depending on the size of your home. 

Our Alco Process:

  1. Request a free in-person or virtual consultation.
  2. Get an assessment.
  3. Enjoy trusted results.



Enjoy the exterior of your home, and better yet complete it before the warmer months arrive. Feel free to schedule your free consultation with Alco today! Let us help you reap these continual benefits. Give us a call at (301) 593-1691.