Old, damaged or inefficient windows can leave your home drafty and unattractive. The inadequacy of faulty windows can cost you in energy use, skyrocketing your utilities. Window replacement offers a high return on investment (ROI), boosting your home’s value when it’s time to resell.

What Are the Benefits of Replacement Windows?

High-performing replacement windows improve energy efficiency, indoor comfort, and the overall peace and quiet of your home. Some of the benefits of window replacement D.C. homeowners love to include:

1. Increase curb appeal

Old windows dampen the overall look of your home; upgrade your home’s looks with new windows. Stylish replacement windows add beauty to your abode—both outside and inside. They boost your home’s overall look and make it more visually appealing.

2. Boost natural light indoors

While you’re replacing your windows, consider expanding their size for greater natural light in your home and greater views of the outdoors. Add a bay window for visual interest, and create a refreshing breakfast nook teeming with light.

3. Heightened home value

Window replacement offers a substantial return on investment (ROI). Over 78% of your cost may be recovered upon resale. When it comes time to sell your home, its enhanced look—including new windows—will help attract buyers.

4. Decrease energy costs

ENERGY STAR certified windows offer you lasting savings — like energy-efficient Marvin windows. Low-E protection and insulating argon gas between dual and triple pane glass options give you consistent savings on utilities, keeping your air conditioning and heating inside where it belongs.

5. Improved indoor comfort

Indoor drafts can be annoying and disrupt the comfort of your home. Old windows tend to leak and radiate heat through their glass. Replacement windows ensure the temperature in your home stays consistent throughout.

6. Enjoy the ease of cleaning

Today’s windows can be cleaned from inside your home. Window tilt-in features, between-the-glass blinds, shades, or grilles all give you greater ease of cleaning for your window replacements.

7. Get more peace and quiet

With old windows, many homeowners simply become accustomed to hearing street noise inside their home. Noise reduction is a primary benefit homeowners enjoy after window replacement. Hear less street noise, less aircraft, and less heavy equipment operating. Get the serenity you desire in your home, regardless of its location; dim noise intrusion with highly insulated window replacements.

8. Enjoy UV protection

Protect your home’s furniture, flooring, and walls with Low-E insulating double-pane or triple-pane glass with argon that gives you extra protection from damaging UV rays. When windows block ultraviolet rays, your furniture, walls, and flooring won’t fade from the sunlight entering your home through your windows.

9. Improve your home’s safety

Reduce the risk of injury if windows break by getting tempered glass in your windows. It breaks into small granular chunks rather than splintering into sharp, jagged debris. And a laminated glass option also improves safety because it is held together by a polymer interlayer.

10. Increase ease of use

When old windows get stuck, they need to be replaced for the safety of your family. In case of a fire, there should be ease of use for all your windows. (Note: when worn out windows get stuck, it may be a sign of foundation issues, and should be addressed promptly.) Each person in your home should be able to open and close your windows. Replacing windows that have been stuck closed gives you high-functioning windows that are easy to open and close—increasing the safety of your family in case of a fire.

11. Tax credit

When homeowners invest in improving their home’s energy efficiency, often the government will reward it with a tax credit. So if you need incentive for installing new windows, check out the rewards you may receive come tax time.

12. Low maintenance

Fiberglass and vinyl windows require little maintenance. Vinyl windows never need to be repainted, saving you time and money in the long run. Aluminum-clad windows require some maintenance to keep the wood looking its best and functioning well.

13. Customizable

The various components of a window replacement make it a highly customizable project. Find the best look for your home and complement your architecture and style with the ideal window look and function. Get replacement windows with gorgeous designs and innovative options. From frame material to glass options, hardware, and coatings, you have lots of choices to make to get the best look and function for your home. Note: The D.C. climate requires the benefits of the double pane and triple pane glass as well as casement and egress windows.

Replacement Windows Materials

Here are some of the benefits of different window replacement materials:

Fiberglass Windows

The strength, durability, and energy efficiency of fiberglass window frames make them an attractive window choice. They withstand extreme temperatures with ease and give you an enduring great look with low maintenance.

Vinyl Windows

Get exceptional insulation with cost-effective, premium vinyl replacement windows. They never need to be painted, so they save you time and money in the long run.

Aluminum Clad Windows

If you want the timeless look of genuine wood inside your home, and you want the strength of other materials outside your home, aluminum-clad windows may be a great solution. The difference between a traditional aluminum window and a wood-clad window with an aluminum exterior is that the traditional aluminum window is 100% aluminum, while the clad window has a wood frame (seen indoors) and an aluminum exterior (seen outdoors). Enjoy the classic look of wood inside your home without damaging moisture penetration by investing in aluminum-clad windows.

A Local Windows Installer You Can Trust

Windows are vital to your home’s integrity, and their performance is directly impacted by proper installation. Take a look at the BBB ratings and online reviews before hiring a home exterior contractor.

Alco Products installs Marvin Windows fiberglass and wood clad windows, and ProVia vinyl windows. We can help you find the best solution for your budget and D.C. Metro home. Get a free consultation with us, and know that your home’s windows will endure for years to come.