Once you have decided to invest in a window replacement, you want to be confident that you are choosing a durable, beautiful, and long-lasting option. Choosing the right new windows for your home eliminates hassles and gives you results you can be proud of. But how do you know which windows to choose?

At Alco Products, we understand it can feel overwhelming to find an option for your window replacement that encompasses both the functionality and look you want to achieve for your home—especially when there are so many options to choose from.

To help you in the decision-making process, we have created a comparison of fiberglass replacement windows and wood clad replacement windows by Marvin. No matter which option you choose, these energy-efficient windows are attractive, reliable, and will last for decades to come.

Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Fiberglass windows offer a unique combination of energy-efficiency, durability, and value. They are an excellent investment for homeowners who are searching for windows that will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

Here is a breakdown of everything that makes Marvin’s fiberglass windows an excellent investment for your Maryland home!

Dependable Material

Fiberglass is a durable, strong, and long-lasting material.


Marvin’s fiberglass windows can stand up in extreme weather conditions, and do not warp, rot, rust, corrode, or crack over time.


Marvin’s fiberglass windows are eight times stronger than vinyl windows. Coated with a thick acrylic finish, they are durable enough to withstand UV fading.


Fiberglass windows can last up to 80 years with minimal maintenance. Your energy-efficient fiberglass window replacement will last a lifetime.

Incredible Features of Marvin’s Fiberglass Windows

Marvin’s fiberglass replacement windows are not only long-lasting but offer homeowners other excellent features.

Color & Style Options

Marvin’s fiberglass windows can fit almost any window shape and are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose a factory finish, or finish the windows yourself after your window installation.


Marvin’s fiberglass frames are durable and secure, making them a reliable option to protect your family from intruders.


Fiberglass is the best insulator among window frame materials and can withstand any weather. Energy-efficient fiberglass windows save homeowners 20-40% on energy bills.

Beautiful View

Marvin’s fiberglass replacement windows are thin, which allows for larger panes of glass to give you a bright, unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Competitive Cost

The cost of a fiberglass window replacement before professional installation ranges between $200 to $900 per window. The cost of each window is dependent on factors such as:

  • The type of window installed
  • The number of windows installed
  • The location and time of the window installation

Are Fiberglass Replacement Windows Right for Me?

Homeowners who are looking to invest in a low-maintenance, durable option that will truly last for the rest of their life will enjoy the longevity and minimal upkeep of a fiberglass window replacement.

Wood Clad Replacement Windows

Wood clad replacement windows have a traditional wood interior that is complemented by a weather-resistant vinyl exterior frame.

Wood clad windows are an excellent investment for homeowners who do not want to sacrifice the beauty of classic wood for the functionality of other window materials.

Here are a few reasons to consider investing in Marvin’s wood clad windows for your Maryland home.

Classic Material

Wood clad replacement windows are aesthetic, durable, and an excellent insulator.


Homeowners love wood clad windows for the unmatched value of beautiful, genuine wood.


With proper care, wood clad windows are exceptionally long-lasting. The vinyl exterior frame withstands the elements, maintaining the beauty of the wood interior.

Great Insulation

Marvin’s wood clad windows offer exceptional insulation. Vinyl provides the best heat and sound insulation of all window types, and genuine wood window frames are a natural insulator.

Benefits of Marvin’s Wood Clad Windows

Marvin’s wood clad windows offer homeowners incredible features. Here are just a few:


With a variety of options to stain, paint, or treat your wood with oil, wood clad windows are highly customizable and can easily match the style of your home.


Wood clad windows are an eco-friendly option for homeowners who are concerned about their carbon footprint. Wood is a renewable resource and vinyl can be recycled.

Curb Appeal

Wood clad windows give homeowners the best of both worlds: dependable performance with a stunning appearance. Wood clad windows will boost your home’s curb appeal and offer an excellent return on investment.

Competitive Cost

According to the 2020 Cost vs. Value report, the average job cost for wood window replacement in Washington, D.C., is $21,227.

Are Wood Clad Replacement Windows Right for Me?

Homeowners who are willing to maintain the beauty of genuine wood will enjoy the classic charm and excellent installation provided by wood clad replacement windows.

Love Your Window Replacement with Alco Products

If you are still not sure whether fiberglass or wood clad replacement windows are the best fit for your Virginia home, we can help. At Alco Products, we believe in an informative, no-pressure sales process that will give you confidence in the decision you make for your home. With so many window styles and combinations to choose from, your design consultant can help you understand your options.

In the meantime, see our online Windows Guide for everything you should know about window replacements.