Selecting the best new replacement windows for your home’s needs begins with understanding the various aspects of them and determining the top windows for your specific desires. One part of the selection process includes deciding between double pane and triple pane windows. Single pane windows are only used on garages and outbuildings, so when choosing window panes for your home itself, double or triple pane are the best options.
According to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, “Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.” In other words, if the windows in your home aren’t energy efficient, your heating and cooling units are working harder to keep your home comfortable.

Double Pane Windows vs. Triple Pane Windows

Price comparison

Understandably, since double pane windows only have two glass panes and triple pane windows have three, triple pane windows are a greater financial investment. Double pane windows decrease heating and air loss, improve energy bills, and boost the comfort of your home year-round. And they can keep your home well sealed throughout the year.

In extreme weather conditions, triple pane windows can be well worth the cost due to their added ability to keep the heat in during the winter and keep the air conditioning in during the summer. Energy savings can add up with both double and triple pane windows, so factor in your climate to determine how much window insulation you need.


Generally, there is an increase in overall performance with triple pane versus double pane windows. But realize that you can also add insulation features to double pane windows that result in excellent performance and substantial savings on utilities throughout the year.


Argon gas fill between the panes of glass helps add energy efficiency to your new windows. In double pane windows, the gas is placed between the two window panes. In triple pane windows, argon gas is placed not only between one, but two sets of panes, creating greater insulation benefits for homeowners.

Glass type

A Low-E glass coating is used on double and triple pane windows, which:

  • Helps keep infrared light away
  • Allows natural light to teem through your windows


To assure long lasting durability, choose strong framing materials such as Marvin fiberglass or vinyl. These will work well on both double and triple paned windows.

Energy efficiency

Due to the additional pane of glass, triple pane windows have a lower U-factor than double pane windows—displaying a lower amount of heat or air leak out of the home. U-factor is the rate of heating or air conditioning lost through your windows. Overall, with the extra pane of glass, triple pane windows are more energy efficient than double pane windows. Additionally, there are features you may want to add to double pane windows that can also add up to energy savings for your household. These include things like:

  • Argon gas between your window panes increases your energy savings.
  • Lamination on your windows boosts your energy efficiency.
  • Proper installation of your replacement windows adds to the overall energy savings, so it’s wise to have the experts install your new windows.

Window frames

When installing fiberglass or vinyl window frames, the durability of both double and triple pane windows is assured. Warping and bending are resisted when fiberglass or vinyl panes are installed.

Daily operation

Double pane windows are substantial enough to meet the needs of many homeowners. Since triple pane windows are heavier than double pane windows, before installing triple pane windows, consider:

  • Your home’s age
  • How sturdy your current window frames are
  • If you are ok with the added weight of triple pane windows while operating the windows daily
  • Where your windows are located – such as basement windows – and their ease of reach

Noise infiltration

Triple pane and double pane windows are not much different from each other when it comes to noise infiltration in your home. Unwanted noise from outside sources such as street noise, heavy construction equipment noise, and aircraft noise will decrease with new windows. However, homeowners who choose laminated double pane windows note that they help decrease noise infiltration significantly in the home.
Choose the most efficient window pane you can afford and the one that works best in your home’s climate. High performing, affordable windows that meet the requirements of your region are a must when replacing windows.
Verify your new windows are ENERGY STAR® rated, and meet or exceed your local energy code requirements. Choose windows based on ENERGY STAR’s recommendations for your climate zone.

ALCO Products—A Trusted Window Replacement Contractor

Great window replacement projects begin with optimal products and properly installed windows. Select a reputable window installation expert because windows need to be installed with precision in order to gain all the benefits and enjoy premium performance from your investment.

Well installed windows will improve your energy savings and ensure windows perform to their highest standards. Look for a replacement window contractor that provides detailed answers to your questions and helps you pinpoint the best windows for your home’s needs.

  • It’s vital to choose the right contractor to install your new windows in order to:
  • Get long-lasting replacement window installation done to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Ensure your window installation is done in a timely manner

ALCO Products is a highly trained window replacement contractor specializing in Marvin Wood and Fiberglass windows and ProVia vinyl windows, committed to:

  • Quality installation practices
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  • Superb standards

ALCO Products’ expert team serves the Washington, D.C., MD, and Northern VA area, installing windows with excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction time after time. We offer:

  • A track record of customer satisfaction
  • Committed compliance to installation best practices
  • Liability and compensation insurance to protect homeowners
  • Proper licensing and bonding

Get peace of mind knowing your home exterior is in well qualified, highly trained, and experienced hands. Replacement windows are not a DIY project. Homeowners in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. enjoy ALCO Product choices in a wide variety of replacement window options. See our replacement window services.