Factors that Affect the Cost of Marvin Replacement Windows

When your windows are damaged or hard to open and close, it’s time for window replacements. If your utilities bills have increased, and it’s drafty inside your home while your windows are closed, it’s time for new windows.

When you’re in the market for new windows, look for beauty, durability, a great warranty, and an overall cost that works for you. Do you wonder what factors into the overall cost of new windows? The cost of Marvin replacement windows, installed by Alco Products, is determined by several elements, including:

Manufacturing features

A top choice for many DC homeowners is Marvin Windows. (Learn everything you need to know about them in our Marvin Windows Buying Guide.) They offer window styles that meet historic home requirements in the D.C. metro area. They are eco-friendly and have diverse glass options. They deliver sleek profile frames to create more glass “real estate” and make way for more natural light in your home. When it comes to color, they offer either baked-on color or a variety of paint options. Marvin windows are super strong, and last for years to come. Their excellent warranty gives you confidence in your investment.


The size of your replacement windows will determine the amount of window glass and frames you invest in, and therefore factor into the overall cost of window replacement. Note that specialty sizes are available to meet the needs of any unique spaces in your home.


Your window replacements come with a variety of components, and each window feature offers multiple alternatives so you can choose the perfect windows for your home. Select the best possibility for your dwelling’s optimal function and your style preferences in glass options, frame materials (wood or fiberglass), hardware, and window trim.

Number of windows

The more windows you have installed, the greater your overall cost for your home upgrade.

Number of panes

Older windows often have single panes. When you replace them with double paned or triple paned windows, it will factor into your overall cost for replacement windows. Keep in mind that the more window panes you have, the greater your home’s insulation. The better your home is insulated, the lower your utilities bills are year-round.

Window panes also help limit noise intrusion from the outdoors including aircraft, heavy equipment, and street noise. Multiple panes come with argon gas between them to boost insulation even more, ensuring your home’s indoor comfort level is consistent throughout the year.

Window style

Your window style choice will factor into your overall cost for new windows.

  • Double hung windows—As the most popular windows style, these beauties deliver two movable sashes: one that opens upward and one that opens downward.
  • Single hung windows—Often used in historic homes, these durable windows have one sash that opens, and one that is in a fixed position. They have fewer moving parts than other window options.
  • Casement windows—These gorgeous windows swing out with a handy crank. Their single hinged sash opens to channel refreshing breezes into your home.
  • Basement egress windows—Bring in much needed natural light to boost the atmosphere and brighten the space all while meeting requirements and security needs.
  • Specialty shaped windows—These windows include triangles, trapezoids, polygons, and more.
  • Slider windows—With one stationary and one operating sash, these gorgeous windows glide open to make way for fresh air in your home.
  • Corner windows—Get more natural light in your dwelling by tucking these neatly into a corner of your home, leaving more wall space for other purposes.
  • Picture windows—Get optimal views out these gorgeous windows that flood your home with natural light due to their narrow frames. These can also come with venting options so you can enjoy refreshing breezes.
  • Hopper windows—Like casement windows, hopper windows have hinges, but their hinges are on the bottom and they open inward from the top. They are often used in small bathrooms or basements.

Contractor choice

Home window replacement cost is directly impacted by who you choose as a contractor. Select your window contractor carefully by reading their online reviews, checking their rating with the BBB, and asking for referrals. Inquire about what manufacturer they prefer for windows, and research the replacement window products as well.

It’s wise to get written estimates from roughly 3 companies, and decide who to hire from there. Window replacement may be something you only do once in a lifetime, so take time to find the best fit in a contractor. The contractor you choose will directly factor into the overall cost of window replacement.

Transform Your Home with Marvin Windows

Marvin Windows outshine their competitors—Andersen and Pella—by delivering some of the highest quality windows in the world. Marvin offers an outstanding warranty.

Fiberglass Windows and Wood Windows

Marvin delivers durable fiberglass windows, and gorgeous wood windows, giving you only the finest window options available. Marvin produces windows in a host of styles. Although they have 5 different series of window classes, the most popular window selections include:

  • Marvin’s Ultimate Windows Series—The double-hung window in this series is a classic go-to choice for homeowners. It offers beauty, ease of operation, durability, and simple maintenance. It looks fabulous on virtually any home style, and will boost your home’s resale value. Other popular windows in this series are casement and awning.
  • Marvin’s Infinity Series—For top-of-the-line replacement windows, Marvin offers three different styles of double-hung windows in this luxurious series. Select from Standard, Cottage, and Oriel to complement your home with style and class.

Why Homeowners Choose Alco Products for Replacement Window Installation

At Alco Products, we consider you as part of our family. We treat your home the way we would want ours to be treated. Throughout the replacement window process, we keep you in the loop with a designated design consultant and project manager who communicates with you regularly.

We offer competitive financing options to make window replacement convenient for you. And we often have special offers, making window installation even more cost-effective.

At Alco Products, we install only the finest window products in the most desired materials. Discover how Marvin Windows — both fiberglass and wood — transform your home and lifestyle.