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Homeowners ready to re-side their home exteriors with James Hardie® siding often don’t know where to begin when it comes to color choices for their siding. The James Hardie color tool can help you select the right colors for your Bethesda, Maryland home. This amazing online tool gives you the opportunity to experiment with multiple color options on your home type so you can get the look you want, and love it for years to come.

James Hardie makes it easy to try on color—online!

  • Identify your location — Enter your zip code into the color tool.
  • Select a color — Choose a main siding color from the beautiful palette of James Hardie siding colors for your home exterior. Choose from warm, cool, fresh, light, dark, or neutral colors.
  • Choose your home’s style — Identify what style your home is, and watch it immediately take on the main siding color you chose.
  • Try an accent color — See how different accent colors transform your home. Personalize your home color choices by selecting color options for the details—trim, windows, shutters, door, and roof.
  • Save your ideas — Once you try several different colors on a home like yours online, save each idea that you love. Come back after a day or two, and decide on your favorite color options for your siding and the details of your home exterior. You can even share them with a James Hardie Elite Preferred contractor to get a cost estimate for starting your project.

How to choose the perfect color for your James Hardie siding

When selecting your siding color, begin with the basics such as:

  1. Environment — When choosing your primary home exterior color, start with your home’s surroundings. Each region of the country has styles and trends that mark the area. Likewise, each neighborhood within a city has a specific feel to it. Notice the trending colors in your neighborhood, and consider a complementary color that blends with the neighboring homes, yet offers you unique expression of your personal style preference.
  2. Lighting — Realize that a home nestled inside mature trees won’t get much sun exposure, so the colors appear true or darker. When a home has lots of sun exposure, the siding color may appear brighter.
  3. Surrounding Colors — Take note of your roof color because it only changes every 2-3 decades. Make sure your roof color coordinates well with your James Hardie siding color.
  4. Test Drive Color Options — Once you try the colors you love on the James Hardie color tool online, narrow your options by trying them on your home exterior. Look at the colors you are considering at different times of day to discover the one you truly love.
  5. Home Architecture — Notice the details of your home architecture and allow them to influence your choice in your siding color. If there is stonework on your home exterior, use it to complement your color palette. Cedar accents can also help you determine the best overall look for your home’s color combinations.
  6. Home Exterior Colors — Decide on three main colors for your home exterior.
    • Body — Your primary color choice will cover the bulk of your home exterior, including your new James Hardie siding.
    • Trim — Contrast the color of your home’s siding with beautiful trim color to add around your home’s windows. Classic white trim looks great with a variety of color palettes. Bold trim colors make your home pop nicely if your siding is a neutral color.
    • Accent — Take the opportunity to add a pop of accent color on your home’s shutters and front door.
    • Note: One color choice should take the lead and coat the bulk (body) of your home. The trim and accent colors are used in smaller amounts to create visual interest on your home exterior.
  7. Garage Door Color — Your garage door color should blend in with the body of your home. Since the garage door isn’t the primary part of your home exterior with eye-catching interest, don’t accent it with a different color. Paint it the same color as your siding, and allow visual interest to occur with your trim and accent features.

Wondering what siding option is right for your home?

Coordinating color choices

  • Analogous colors are right next to each other on the color wheel and create a calm look.
  • Complementary colors are located opposite each other on the color wheel and create contrast.
  • A color triad is created when a primary color is chosen and the two colors on each side of it complement the color. This 3-color combo has low contrast.

James Hardie siding and trim come primed and ready for painting. If you prefer not to paint your siding, and want long-lasting color, check out James Hardie Colorplus® Technology. Here are some things homeowners love about Colorplus® Technology:

  • Get long-lasting finish — Since James Hardie applies more than 50% more paint than most homeowners use on their home exterior, your siding color will look amazing for many years.
  • Avoid unsightly paint chips, peels or cracks — James Hardie cures their paint finish for stronger bonds to assure homeowners their siding paint won’t chip, peel or crack.
  • Enjoy vibrant color for years to comeColorPlus Technology offers homeowners excellent color retention on their home exterior. James Hardie paint has UV ray resistance, and avoids typical paint fading from the sun that can occur over the years on DIY exterior paint.

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