COVID-19 READINESS—Client and employee safety is our number one priority. We are open and scheduling Virtual Consultations. Call or email to set an appointment to come into our office or view our Maryland Showroom.

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Notably one of if not the 21st Centuries’ most impacting events, the Covid-19 outbreak, is among us.

In these uncertain times, we are certain about one thing: the medical community needs our help to contain the outbreak.

For the month of April, Alco Products will donate $200 for every job sold to the Suburban Hospital COVID-19 emergency fund.

Additionally, we will be giving the first 30 people to schedule virtual consultations a DoorDash giftcard. These giftcards can be used to support other small businesses in the restaurant industry by ordering take out.

In addition to raising funds for Suburban Hospital, we have taken measures to operate safely during the pandemic, including:

  • Our office and showroom is being cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day, including phones, computers, etc. Due to current Government Orders, our showroom is now closed to the public. All non essential employees have been set up to work remotely.
  • Customers can now meet with our design consultants over virtual consultations – meet with your design consultant over the phone or video using Zoom.
  • While Alco Products does fall into the essential business category in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, we are working to scale down our operation. Any employee who can work from home is being instructed to do so. We are working to wrap up existing projects and limit starting new projects to emergencies (roof leaks, broken windows/doors, etc). Additionally, any employee who is not comfortable coming in (due to children at home, taking care of elderly parents, etc) is allowed to work remotely.
  • Our sales team and production team have been given (and will be restocked) with hand sanitizer to keep in their vehicles. Additionally, our production team has been given cleaning supplies to keep on their trucks, and will do our best to clean door knobs, lights switches, etc, that we may touch when working in your home, although most of our projects can be completed from the exterior.
  • All field employees have also been given gloves/masks to wear working.
  • We are following social distance best practices, both in the field, and in our office.
  • We are running “skeleton hours” in the office to limit no more than 4 people from being in the office at one time.

We are a family owned and operated business and it has been our pleasure serving the D.C. area for 60 years. We hope that our small contribution to the well being of our local community can help stop the spread of COVID-19 and make the DC area a healthier and safer place.

On May 1st, we will make our donation to Suburban and share it here on our blog.

Zak Kreisman