Alex WFH

Working from Home with a TimberTech DrySpace

Jared and Alex recently purchased a home in the Washington D.C. area. The recent Global COVID-19 Pandemic transitioned the couple to work remotely until further notice. Creating a home around their work schedule and environment was mandatory.   Being that the two both love being outdoors in the fresh air and sunlight, it was a must for them that they extend their interior working space to their exterior porch.  The two dreamed of updating their lifestyle by hiring a trusted contractor. 

After performing thorough research for a local contracting company to update their outdated porch, both of them agreed to hire a locally-owned business that is familiar with working on older homes in the DC Metro area. The couple luckily decided to go forward with Alco Products, a small family-owned contracting company of 65 years in the DC Metro area.  Jared and Alex were looking particularly for great design, trusting durability, and a reliable contractor. Alco Products is locally known to the Washington D.C. Metro Area, which increased their trust in choosing Alco. 

The previous condition of their porch was rough and exposed to the outdoor elements.  There was noticeable wood rot from the unkempt porch.  Their backyard porch at the time did not have a DrySpace. The lack of having a DrySpace allowed insignificant water drainage, creating the wood rot as mentioned.

Down below is a Before photo without the TimberTech DrySpace installed. 

Before Sands

Howie Kreisman, their assigned  Design Consultant coordinated ideas, and the team concluded together to go forward with the well-known brand TimberTech. TimberTech DrySpace collects and channels moisture from the spaces between boards with a hidden under-deck drainage system. This would allow Jared and Alex to extend their indoor living space outdoors with a proper drainage system. 

After going forward with the proper materials, it was time for the couple to begin their construction. Shortly after, Erick Marin was the assigned Project Manager on site. Marin designed the perfect livable outdoor space for the new homeowners.  Marin and his team installed a beautiful white extruded vinyl DrySpace that will withstand mold, moisture, water, and mildew from their outdoor living space.  The Alco team installed the yard light fixtures to bring warmth as the sunsets in the evening as well.  

In addition, the Alco team installed a modern sleek outdoor ceiling fan and TV to enhance their  DrySpace experience. The two are able to enjoy working from home through each of the 4 seasons of the D.C. Metro area and also provide great hosting to family and friends as they visit.  From the outdoor lights, DrySpace to the outdoor TV, Alco was able to bring Jared and Alex’s dreams come to reality. 

Dryspace and ceiling fan

Lastly, the couple gladly commented on the fact that Alco was extremely communicative and friendly during the design process and installation. Alex is extremely pleased with her outdoor living space. Howie’s project management was highly recognized as being efficient and knowledgeable.  Thank you Jared and Alex for being great customers and we look forward to working with you again as you create the D.C. Metro home of your dreams. 

Alex Customer Feature

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