Advantages of Patio Doors

Learn All the Possibilities For Your Home

Does your current patio door lack the beauty it once had? Are you looking for a great return on investment for a simple home remodel? Tired of a gloomy looking home that lacks the natural light you crave?

You can create a spacious look to your home by installing a replacement patio door. Fill your home with natural light and seamlessly connect your home’s outdoor space with its indoor space. Create the ideal entertainment option with a fluid indoor/outdoor flow as friends and family enjoy summer breezes together at your home.

9 Benefits of Installing New Patio Replacement Doors

1. Customizable Beauty

Today’s patio doors come in a variety of types, material options, and colors so you can add the perfect complement to your home’s architecture style and overall look. Make a design statement with a stylish, modern patio door.

2. Enhanced Views

A patio door replacement can open up your home to the beauty of the outdoors. Enjoy bringing more of the outdoors in with the unobstructed views that come with a patio door.

Is it time to upgrade the patio door on your D.C. area home?

Our “Replacement Door Buying Guide” can help you decide.

3. Cost Effective

The benefits of your new patio door come at a modest price, yet offer a great lifestyle boost for your family.

4. Enhance Natural Light Indoors

There’s nothing like an abundance of natural light teeming through your windows to give your home an uplifting atmosphere. While patio doors are indeed doors that create a fluid entrance to your backyard, they also serve as windows and give your home more natural light.

5. Increase Property Value

Homebuyers love the welcoming look of a patio door. If you have a pool, a great view of the river, a beautiful garden, or an oasis of trees in your backyard, why not give potential homebuyers an early glimpse of your home’s backyard assets by showcasing them through a patio door.

6. Protect Your Home

Today’s patio doors come with strong security locks that are built right into them when they are manufactured. Their three-tier protection gives homeowners peace of mind about their protection. Alarms and security bars can be added to your door’s locking system to boost safekeeping even more.

7. Maximized Space

If your home has limited space, you can avoid typical doors that swing in and take up space inside your dwelling. Clearance for these doors needs to be reserved no matter what season it is, gobbling up your indoor space. A sliding glass patio door offers you more space inside your home.

8. Save on Utilities

When natural light streams into your home, you can save on heating bills, and on the energy needed for ample lighting in your home. A patio door can be opened to allow cool breezes to flow into your home, saving you on air conditioning.

9. Double Paned Glass

Today’s patio doors are available in double paned glass, which helps you keep your air conditioning inside each summer and heat inside each winter.

Patio Door Styles

Alco Products installs a variety of patio doors. Select the optimal style to match your home architecture and make the design statement you desire.

Sliding Patio Doors

Maximize your indoor space with a beautiful sliding patio door. They don’t swing in or out, and make the best use of your home’s space.

French Patio Doors

These traditional, cost-effective, gorgeous patio doors feature fewer panes of glass, and add a touch of beauty and character to your home. They are installed with tight seals, deliver excellent protection for you and your loved ones, and save on energy bills.

Hinged Patio Doors

Homes with traditional architecture often opt for a hinged patio door for a classic look. These functional beauties come with multipoint locking hardware for added security and peace of mind. Customized to match your home’s look, hinged patio doors work well in family rooms, master bedrooms, and more.

Large Hinged or Folding Patio Doors

Why not make the most of your backyard views year-round? Alco Products installs large, hinged patio doors that serve as walls on the backside of homes along the Potomac River and other picturesque locations throughout the D.C. area. Marvin Scenic Doors are like large glass wall doors, and optimize the look of your home with gorgeous views.

Patio Door Material Options

Your patio door replacement can be customized to match your desires for great looks along with high performance. Choose from:


This popular material is often used in new construction as well as remodeling. Vinyl is a cost-effective, energy efficient, and low maintenance option.


The beauty of genuine wood brings an authentic feel and warmth to your home. Customize your wood door with the paint or stain that brings out the best in your home. There are high maintenance requirements for wood, but if you love the look, it’s worth it. Stay on top of a wood door’s need for upkeep to avoid wood rot or warping from moisture penetration.


If you love the look of wood, but don’t want to have to deal with its high maintenance needs, opt for fiberglass door frames. Durable fiberglass (think hard hats and canoes) stands up to moisture and gives you long-lasting performance you can rely on. Fiberglass doors are energy efficient and can save you on utilities.


This cost-effective material is not as sturdy as fiberglass or other door materials. Aluminum is lightweight and can be dented or scratched easily. It has a high heat conductivity, making it a less than ideal option.


Enjoy a low maintenance, strong steel patio door that boosts your home security.

Patio Replacement Doors Help Make the Most of Your Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Enjoy summer barbecues and fall campfires just outside your home. A patio replacement door connects your home’s indoor space with its outdoor space, and gives you comfortable entertainment options to enjoy. Contact us for a free consultation.

“Everyone at Alco Products was exceptionally helpful and professional. The quality of the door we had installed is excellent and the installation was done timely and expertly. We highly recommend Alco and will most definitely use them again!”

—David S.

Patio Door Installation Process

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We assess your needs and present you with a detailed estimate and design options.

Number Three

Be Confident in Your Home Again

We ensure a smooth installation process and high performance patio doors for years to come.