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James Hardie Siding Installation in Potomac, Maryland.

The weather near the Potomac river is brutal on the outside of your home – hot, humid summers and cold, snowy winters can peel, crack or fade your siding until you have no choice but to replace it.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding is different – it’s engineered to work specifically with our climate, preventing rot, fading, cracking or peeling… which keeps your home looking beautiful year in and year out.

Unlike vinyl siding or wood shingles, Hardie Fiber Cement siding offers unmatched durability to withstand whatever nature can throw at it – resisting winds up to 130mph when properly installed, and even is fire resistant as it’s made from non-combustible materials.

This will leave your home looking beautiful with minimal maintenace. No more repainting, rehanging, or worrying about your siding ever again.

Trust The Installation to The James Hardie Preferred Professionals – ALCO

ALCO has been serving Potomac and its surrounding areas for over 60 years, which means we know a thing or two about the right way to install your new siding.

Plus, our participation in the Hardie Preferred Contractor Alliance means that we’ve met their best practices requirements for installation and we’ve shown that we’re consistently performing with the quality standards that James Hardie expects.

Our process allows us to install your new siding with as little stress to you as possible – after all, home improvements can be stressful! Our installers are professional and clean, and leave your home looking more beautiful than we found it.

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Our no-pressure siding evaluation gives us the opportunity to see your home and your needs first-hand in order to give you a fully customized quote to install your new Hardie Siding. We’ll tour your property, show you our samples (or you can choose to visit us in our brand-new showroom!) and talk about your goals for your house. To schedule your Siding Evaluation, call 240-450-2495 or Click Here.