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Replacement siding comes in a variety of materials, textures, colors, and styles. The types of siding available for today’s DC homeowners create the opportunity for you to discover optimal solutions for your home exterior’s looks and function.

Siding has some important jobs: it’s the major feature of your home exterior and creates your home’s overall aesthetic—an important aspect of home value and curb appeal. House siding, installed by Alco Products, also acts as the protective layer for your home, shielding it from weather elements and extreme temperatures.

Here are some popular replacement siding materials:

Fiber Cement Siding

This popular siding material is chosen by DC Metro homeowners for its durable makeup and long-lasting beauty. Made of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers, fiber cement siding stands up to weather elements for decades. It’s also:

  • Attractive—Fiber cement siding is so thick, it can mimic the look of wood, shingles, clapboard, stone, and even brick to capture the look you love.
  • Low Maintenance—You’ll save hours of maintenance time by installing low-maintenance fiber cement siding. It doesn’t need to be painted or stained every few years like wood siding does.
  • Long-Lasting—Fiber cement siding lasts for decades, saving you both time and money on residing.

Hardie Board

DC Metro homeowners choose James Hardie siding for a host of reasons: exquisite style, exceptional durability, and its outstanding 30-year warranty. Additionally, homeowners love Hardie siding because it is:

  • Beautiful—James Hardie fiber cement delivers versatility when it comes to beauty and style. Get the rustic chic Farmhouse look that’s trending. Stylish James Hardie siding is a thick material that can mimic other siding options. It imitates the genuine look of wood so well, it’s hard to tell the difference when you look at a home from the street. For a clean, modern look, Hardie siding can create the look of stucco, yet save you from the high maintenance and repairs stucco requires.
  • Ideal for Historic Homes—Historic DC Metro homes can count on the genuine look of wood, with the durability and low maintenance that James Hardie fiber cement siding is known for.
  • Durable—James Hardie fiber cement siding lasts up to 50 years when it’s properly installed by James Hardie trained professionals and well maintained by homeowners. It stands up to the weather elements with ease.
  • Low Maintenance—Enjoy the easy maintenance that comes with Hardie Board siding. Simply wash it twice a year with a garden hose and medium bristle nylon brush.

Vinyl Siding

DC Metro homeowners choose low maintenance vinyl siding for its exceptional affordability and vinyl’s reliable insulation properties.

  • Energy-Efficient—Insulated vinyl siding is one of the best energy-saving siding materials available. Your utilities bills will thank you after this highly insulating siding is installed.
  • Cost-Effective—The affordability of vinyl siding makes it a popular choice among DC Metro homeowners. Particularly used on rental properties and with first-time homeowners, this outstanding siding material is a great choice.
  • Customizable—Vinyl siding comes in a variety of style choices and a host of color selections so you can get the perfect look for your home’s architecture and match your style preferences.

Alco Products offers durable Crane Vinyl Siding, the newest in innovative technology for premium vinyl siding. It reduces noise intrusion by up to 45%, offers you impact resistance of up to 64%, and delivers virtually maintenance-free siding you will enjoy for years to come.

Stone Veneer Siding

DC Metro homeowners choose stone siding to create a high-end look for their home exterior.

  • Rot Resistant—Stone veneer siding is made by pouring a Portland cement mixture into molds cast from real stones. It resists moisture penetration, saving you the hassles of repairing moisture damage, including rot and mold.
  • Customizable—Stone veneer siding can be customized to match your home architecture and your style preferences. It can be made to look like ledgestone, cobblestone, fieldstone, and brick. An array of browns, tans, reds, and grays are available to choose from.
  • Aesthetically pleasing—Stone veneer gives your home exterior an exquisite look you’re sure to love for years to come.

Natural Wood Siding

DC Metro homeowners enjoy this siding due to its genuine beauty and timeless look.

  • Classic Woodgrain—Real wood shingles give you the undeniable authentic look you’re desiring. Its distinct texture gives your home great curb appeal.
  • High Maintenance—A downside to wood siding is its need for regular upkeep. Wood shingles should be repainted or stained roughly every 5 years, creating an ongoing need for attention.
  • Attractive to pests—Unfortunately, wood siding attracts pests including termites, carpenter ants, stink bugs, and even woodpeckers. All of these pests can cause damage to your siding and leave you with a home exterior that’s compromised. When your home siding is penetrated by moisture, problems cascade, leaving you with the need to repair or replace your siding.

Metal Siding

Homeowners enjoy the increasingly popular metal siding and roofing due to their durability and contemporary looks.

  • Trendy—The chic look of metal siding will cost more initially, but it looks great and lasts for decades.
  • Eco-friendly—Metal siding delivers a sustainable siding solution for your home, and it’s completely recyclable.
  • Pest resistant—Metal siding resists termites, stink bugs, and more. It won’t attract damaging woodpeckers, saving you the hassles and costs of repairs.

House Siding Installation from a Trusted Siding Contractor

At Alco Products, we understand it can feel overwhelming to have so many replacement siding material options to choose from. That’s why we take time to guide you through the various types of siding in order to find the best long-term solution for your home exterior. We do home siding installation the right way so you can enjoy a beautiful looking home that endures.

Take a look at our Siding Installation Guide for more detailed information about siding material options for your home.

As a dependable siding contractor in the DC area for Maryland and Virginia homeowners, Alco Products installs Hardie siding and Crane vinyl siding as well as stone veneer. Find out more about the benefits of new house siding. When installed by a trusted contractor, you’ll be confident in your home again and enjoy it for years to come.