Ask your Alco Consultant about payment options during your consultation and estimate.

Home repairs sometimes can’t wait until your bank account can support them… and when that happens, you just can’t afford to wait until you’ve saved up enough to get your repairs or replacements made.

Alco Products understands that life doesn’t always wait until you can afford it, so we’ve joined with Synchrony bank to offer payment plans to fit your budget.

Whether you want to pay a portion of the job and finance the rest OR finance the entire project, Alco wants to work with you to ensure your home gets the repairs that it needs.

If You’re Looking For a Payment Plan To Fit Your Budget… Reduced APR with Fixed Payments

This option offers you the ability to choose from one of 3 fixed payment options – all dependent on the size of your project – which means you can always stay within your budget.


If You Simply Don’t Want To Pay Up Front Right Away…
Zero Monthly Interest If Paid In 12 Months

This option is for those that may have the funds in their account – or the room in their budget for a higher payment – but simply don’t want to spend the money up front right away.  Our Plan 603 offers the high benefit of zero interest as long as you pay the entire balance in 12 months.


We can complete the approval process in your home to discuss payment options immediately.

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