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Window Cleaning and Care Tips

Lengthen the life of your windows and keep them looking beautiful by cleaning and caring for them regularly. Apply these tips, from the pros at Alco Products Inc, and you’ll be surprised by how well your windows look and last!

How to Clean Your Home’s Replacement Windows

The cost of home windows is sure to add to your home’s value and maintaining your windows is key. Here are some pro cleaning tips that will prolong the life of your windows, instantly boost your home’s curb appeal, and give you more enjoyable views of the outdoors.

1. Begin by cleaning your window track.

It’s important to keep window tracks clean. Dirt builds up over time and can shorten the life of hinges, weather stripping, locks, and rollers. Dirty tracks may cause water to leak into your home, triggering costly damage over time. Clean tracks by removing dust and dirt, then wiping them with soapy water, and rinsing them with a clean cloth.

2. Clean your screens.

Remove screens from your window, lay them flat, and vacuum the dirt off them. Apply clean soapy water and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse them thoroughly, and allow them to air dry completely before putting them back onto your window. During the months when screens aren’t in use, if you remove them it will help them last longer.

3. Lubricate window hardware.

Dust off hardware and wipe it down. Use a silicone-based lubricant for hinges, rollers, and metal tilt latches. Avoid using citrus cleaner, vinegar, ammonia or other harsh solutions.

4. Clean when out of direct sunlight.

Don’t clean windows when glass is exposed to direct sunlight. Sun warms window glass and causes soap solution to create unwanted streaks. Always clean windows in the shade.

5. Clean the window from the outside first.

This is the best place to begin so that if a hint of water seeps through the window into your home interior, you can easily wipe it up when you clean the inside of your windows.

6. Soak window glass with water and mild soap.

If you simply let this gentle mixture sit on your window, it will help break down any dirt on the window.

7. Apply cleaning product.

Using a non-abrasive cloth like terry cloth or microfiber, clean the windows from top to bottom.

8. Remove buildup as needed.

To clean hard-to-reach crevasses and remove buildup, simply use a toothbrush and apply a gentle soap and water mixture, rinse and dry.

9. Remove cleaning solution.

Use a squeegee to remove your cleaning solution, and wipe it dry each time you use it.

10. Thoroughly dry your window.

Window components are susceptible to deterioration if cleaning solution isn’t immediately dried after cleaning. Lingering water droplets can cause mildew to start to form. Avoid problems by completely drying the window you just cleaned before going on to the next window.

How to Care for Your Home Windows

Window maintenance helps extend the life of your windows. When your replacement windows are installed, ask the installer to demonstrate how to use the windows properly. Surprisingly, some windows aren’t used as they were designed to be used, and it puts added stress on them over time, which may hinder their function. Here are some tips on caring for your windows:

1. Clean the glass often.

When you keep your glass clean, it will help moisture drain. Stored moisture damages windows over time, and gives them a cloudy look—hindering your view. The climate in your area of the country impacts how often you should clean and maintain your windows.

2. Avoid common cleaning mistakes.

When cleaning glass, don’t use harsh cleaners, abrasive detergents, or tough cloths. Don’t use acid cleaners, strong solvents, or abrasive materials when cleaning window frames. Refrain from using a razor blade, steel wool, or knife to clean anything off your window glass or frame.

3. Never pressure wash your windows.

You could damage your investment if you try to pressure wash windows.

4. Take a look at window components while cleaning them.

When you clean your windows, it’s the perfect time to assess your window components and make sure they are working properly. Caulking can tend to deteriorate, and may need replacing periodically.

Caring for Different Types of Window Materials

Fiberglass Windows

These durable, long-lasting windows look gorgeous and deliver high performance for years to come. When cleaning fiberglass windows, opt for frequency over intensity to keep your windows in top working order.

Vinyl Windows

These cost-effective attractive windows boast low maintenance. If vinyl window frames aren’t cleaned properly, they can discolor. Use a gentle soap and water solution to clean vinyl frames.

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Replacement window benefits include:

  • Boost your home’s curb appeal
  • Increase natural light inside your home
  • Enjoy a high return on investment (ROI)
  • Lower energy usage
  • Improve your home’s comfort level
  • Clean easily with tilt-in features
  • Decrease noise intrusion
  • Safeguard furniture from damaging UV rays
  • Protect your home from intruders
  • Enjoy easy open and close feature
  • Customize to match your home’s style and your needs

For more information on replacement windows, check out our Ultimate Guide to Replacement Windows.

Signs You Need Replacement Windows

If your windows are dysfunctional, beyond repair, or simply not energy efficient, it’s time to locate a contractor you can trust to install new, durable replacement windows. If you notice drafts inside your home near your windows, or your windows are damaged, it’s time to replace them. Ensure your safety and protect your home from the elements with gorgeous new windows.

Alco Products—a Reliable Replacement Window Contractor

It’s just as important that you hire a trusted window contractor to install your windows as it is to choose the best window components for your needs. We offer superior workmanship, reliable products, and detail-oriented service. We’re committed to installing replacement windows with care so you can relax and enjoy a bright, secure, energy-efficient home.

At Alco Products, we offer convenient financing for your home exterior repair and replacement needs. Gain confidence in your remodeling investment with a limited lifetime installation warranty.

Our replacement windows can help end the frustration that accompanies old, drafty, inefficient windows. Choose from fiberglass, vinyl, or wood to get the perfect look for your home.