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The sum of the parts of a roofing system is clearly greater than each individual part. A roofing system is cohesively designed with specific components that work together in order to protect your home thoroughly.

At Alco Products, we understand how important a comprehensive roofing system is to the integrity of your biggest investment—your home. That’s why we choose only the finest roofing products to protect your home for years to come. Confidence in both your material choices and the installation experts you hire are vital to the long-term trust you have in your home’s roofing system. At Alco Products, we believe our relationship simply begins with your roof installation. We desire to earn your trust and become your contractor for life.

The products that make up a roofing system work best when they are used together. In fact, the manufacturers design roofing products to be used jointly in order to obtain the best long-term roofing solution for your home.


The Integrity Roof System® Provides Optimal Performance

A roof is more than just shingles. The anatomy of an Alco Products Integrity Roofing System adds up to full protection for your home, shielding your home from weather elements. All the components of the roofing system work in unity to assure your protection year-round. Here’s what a roofing system is made up of:


1. High performance underlayment

The underlayment, or protective layer, keeps moisture from reaching your roof sheathing. It works with the ice and water shield protection to keep wind-driven rain, melting snow, or other water from penetrating your home. The underlayment also helps moisture to escape your home, giving it the added protection you need.

2. Ice and water shield protection

This keeps water from seeping into your home interior— particularly when it is wind-driven rain or ice and snow melt. It is installed at the edge, as well as on the eaves, valleys, and penetrations. It works in conjunction with your underlayment for an added layer of protection for your home. It is protected under your roof’s warranty with up to 30 years of coverage.

3. Shingles

This is your roof’s primary covering. Your roof can actually be covered with shingles, slate, or metal.

  • Starter shingles — These are the first shingles Alco Products installs on your roof. They are factory pre-cut for precision. When you combine these shingles with factory trained professionals installing your roofing system, the result is the protection for your home you deserve.
  • Alco Product’s Lifetime shingles — These are customized to match your style, and they come in a variety of styles and colors. They have passed the 110 and 150 mph wind tests, and come with a great warranty.

4. Trim

This is the variety of materials used to finish your roof’s edges, such as the soffit, rake, drip edge, and fascia.

5. Sheathing

This is what your shingles are installed on. It is the plywood that is fastened to your roof’s skeleton.

6. Flashing

This is the sheet metal that prevents water penetration at your roof’s joints, valleys, and the angle between your chimney and roof.

7. Hip and ridge caps

The texture and visual interest in a new roof comes from the definition of your roof’s line to show depth. These give you extra protection at your roof’s most vulnerable areas. A vital part of a roofing system, hip and ridge caps offer you the coverage you need to withstand storms.

8. Ridge vents

When you have a ridge vent installed at the peak of your roof, the moist, warm air from your attic can escape your home, making it more comfortable indoors. Other benefits of a ridge vent installation include:

  • They help you avoid the damage roof rot can incur.
  • They aid in restricting the unwanted growth of mold and mildew.
  • They even help interior and exterior paint from peeling, saving you the time, money, and hassle it takes to repaint.
  • They prevent ice damming, (the refreezing of water at the edge of your roof that can cause ice buildup and unwanted moisture in your home).
  • They decrease your overall utility costs, particularly during the heat of summer.

Advantages of having a single manufacturer for your roofing system:

  • Consistent standards
  • Reliable installation best practices
  • Outstanding warranty

How a Roofing System Protects Your Home in Every Way!

When you have quality products installed by the pros, your roof will last longer! Here are some ways a roofing system protects your home.

Attic circulation

A new roofing system helps keep air in your attic circulating so it doesn’t get too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, or too damp in the stormy weather. As a result, the possibility of mold and mildew are reduced in the home, and the unwanted health risks associated with moisture in the home are avoided. Your home can actually breathe with a new roofing system. Wood rot—and the hassle of major repairs wood rot causes—are avoided. And your roof’s longevity is assured!

Multi-layered system

A roofing system keeps moisture out of your home, particularly at its most vulnerable points. The ice and water shield prevents this, and is a vital part of a comprehensive roofing system. The beauty of a multi-layered roofing system is that each part helps the other parts perform at their best. It’s working together — for your protection.

Homeowners in Bethesda, MD know that weather can take its toll on a home exterior. That’s why Alco Products provides Certainteed Roofing to make sure your home is fortified with the best products and the quality installation you deserve. The professional team at Alco Products is here to serve your needs. We respect your needs every step of the way. If you’re concerned about pressurized hard sells, you’ll be pleased to learn that our pressure-free estimates are like a breath of fresh air for our clients. To learn more about roofing selections, take a look at our roofing guide, and see our roofing services.