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Most people only have to replace windows once in a lifetime, and therefore it’s vital to do it right. Windows will serve you well for decades when the top window materials are chosen, and the best installers are hired. Material choices are fairly easy to select, with wood, vinyl and fiberglass being the most popular options. But how do you go about finding the best window contractor?

At Alco Products, we understand how frustrating it can be trying to find a qualified fiberglass window contractor. For over 60 years, we’ve helped homeowners with over 100,000 installations the right way. We stand behind our workmanship and products. And we guarantee an informative, no-pressure sales experience.

Why Homeowners Choose Fiberglass Windows

Although wood is a gorgeous looking window option, it requires high maintenance to keep it looking great, and to ward off the downside to wood windows: warping due to moisture penetration. Vinyl window replacements also have their perks, primarily affordability, and the fact that there is no need to paint them—ever. But vinyl’s strength is limited, and its performance can decline over the years, leaving homeowners less than satisfied with their windows.

The benefits of fiberglass windows are extensive. They are durable, structurally sound, low maintenance and beautiful. Fiberglass is known for its incredible strength (think canoes and hard hats). And they are up to nine times stronger than vinyl. They don’t warp because they expand and contract the same way glass does. And fiberglass windows look fabulous for years to come. But choosing a high-performing material like fiberglass is only one ingredient to getting long-lasting results from your window installation. Who you hire to install your windows is of equal importance.

Tips for Hiring the Best Fiberglass Window Contractor

Get written estimates

Contact at least three window contractors and get a written estimate from each.

Ask for referrals

Windows are a substantial investment, so ask your contractor for a few referrals of recent projects so you can get a feel for their work.

Learn about material choices

Contractors have specific companies they prefer to use for materials, and reasons for their choices. Find out where your contractor gets their window materials, and why they choose that company.

Get warranty information

Learn about the manufacturer warranty as well as any labor warranty the contractor may offer. Warranty coverage gives you peace of mind about the future.

Ask about insurance

For your protection, find out if the window contractor has good comprehensive liability and workman’s compensation insurance to protect you while their team is on your property. Ask to see proof of insurance to put your mind at ease.

Learn about who does the work

Ask the contractor who will actually do the window installation: a staff member or a contractor.

Check reviews about their work

Check with the Better Business Bureau, and take a look at online reviews to see what previous customers have to say about the company and their final products.

Find out about training

Ask what type of training the craftsmen have who will do the window installation.

Take a look at their payment requirements

Most reputable companies only require you to pay a portion of the total cost upfront, then make another payment halfway through the job, and the final payment upon completion of the project.

The Value of a Trained and Certified Fiberglass Windows Installer

Hiring a Marvin® authorized window installer ensures your windows will perform as they were designed to perform, and last for years to come. A specially trained Marvin Authorized Replacement Contractor gives you the best final product in your window installation.

A Marvin Authorized Window Installer Gives You:

  • Premium Marvin window products installed to the manufacturer’s exacting specifications
  • Peace of mind knowing your installation is done perfectly, ensuring your windows will perform well for many years

Need help finding a reliable window contractor?

How Hiring the Best Fiberglass Windows Contractor Protects Your Warranty

When you hire a Marvin windows authorized contractor, you gain the benefit of their expertise, and the value of the outstanding window warranty. The outstanding Marvin windows replacement warranty covers your new windows’ glass components, non-glass components, exterior cladding finish, and interior finish.

Why Homeowners Choose Marvin Replacement Windows

  1. High return on investment (ROI) – Marvin fiberglass windows boost resale value by making your home stand out in the marketplace.
  2. Durable – They’re more durable than wood or vinyl, and can last up to 80 years.
  3. Premium performance – Enjoy consistent temperatures in your home.
  4. Environmentally friendly – Fiberglass windows are recyclable, and take 80% less energy to make than other window types.
  5. Outstanding warranty – Get peace of mind about the future.
  6. Customizable – Match your home’s architecture and style.
  7. Energy Star® rated – Save on utilities bills throughout the year.
  8. USA-made windows – Each Marvin window is custom ordered in the U.S..
  9. Innovative – Marvin windows boast over 100 years of product advancement.
  10. Noise reducing – Fiberglass windows decrease the street noise, aircraft noise, and heavy equipment noise from penetrating your home’s peace and quiet.
  11. Pest resistant – Fiberglass windows resist damage from termites, ants, and even woodpeckers.

Marvin replacement windows are easy to clean, giving you the long-term benefits of low maintenance. They look beautiful, and maintain their looks over time due to their durable makeup. They boost your home security with state-of-the-art locking mechanisms, giving you peace of mind.


Are Marvin Replacement Windows the right choice for your D.C. area home?

Our comprehensive “Marvin Windows Buying Guide” can help you decide.

The Alco Difference

At Alco Products, we help you assess your options and choose the best windows for your home. We create a seamless look for your window installations by capping the trim properly with the highest quality scratch and dent resistant products. We repair or replace any product due to material defect while the product is under manufacturer’s warranty—and we do it free of labor charge, giving you peace of mind. We’ll 

We give an added layer of warranty protection—a Limited Lifetime Labor warranty equal to the manufacturer’s warranty. Call for a consultation where you can discuss your project with one of our experienced design consultants. Be sure to ask about our special offers, 0% financing and payment options.