Limited Lifetime Installation Warranty

What Is Covered By The Warranty

Alco Products Company Inc. Warrants to you, the homeowner, that any product we install on/in your home will be free from defects as a result of faulty workmanship for the lifetime of the product’s manufacturer’s warranty. We will also provide labor free of charge, to repair or replace a product that we installed which has been deemed defective as a result of faulty manufacturing, as long as the product is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

How To Obtain Service

All warranty claims should be made to Alco Products Company Inc using one of three ways below. Alco Products Company Inc reserves the right to inspect any product for which a warranty claim is made, and make a determination that may include repairing or replacing.

A. Email to: [email protected]
B. Web form submission at
C. Telephone: 301-593-1691

The notice should include the following information: customer’s name, address, telephone numbers, manufacturer of the product, installation date and a description of the nature of the problem. Alco Products Company Inc will investigate the claim promptly. Any warranty work will be done during normal working hours except where a delay will cause additional damage. The customer agrees to provide access to the house and to make available during the work a responsible adult with the authority to approve the warranty work and conrm satisfactory completion of the warranty work.

Remedies And Limitations

A. Alco Products Company Inc makes no other warranty, express or implied, other than as set forth herein
B. These limitations shall be enforceable to the extent permitted by law.
C. The preferred remedy is always for the repair or re-installation to be completed by the original installer whenever possible.
D. With respect to any claim asserted by the customer against Alco Products Company Inc, the customer understands that the customer will have no right to recover or request compensation for, and Alco Products Company Inc shall not be liable for, any of the following items:

1. Incidental, consequential, secondary, or punitive damages
2. Damages for aggravation, mental anguish, emotional distress, or pain and suffering
3. Costs in excess of the total contract amount for the project
4. Attorney’s fees or costs.

E. Storm Doors are limited to 1-year limited installation labor warranty from date of installation.
F. This warranty does not cover normal maintenance such as caulking or cleaning.
G. This labor warranty is not transferable

Exceptions To Lifetime Warranty

Damage or problems resulting from causes outside of Alco Product Company Inc’s control are not covered. Such causes include, but are not limited to:

A. Damage related to subsequent alterations, misuse, abuse, vandalism or negligence.
B. Damage resulting from res, storms, leaks, accidents, oods, sub-grade moisture conditions, electrical malfunctions, war, terrorism or acts of God;
C. Damage related to customer’s failure to observe any instructions from Alco Products Company Inc and/or requirements of the manufacturer with respect to the product, including without limitation, failure to control humidity and temperature levels within the home and failure to properly treat, seal and maintain exposed wood.
E. Any item furnished by the customer.
G. Custom Painting or Staining by Alco Products Company Inc, which may be required in installations, is not covered by this Lifetime Labor Warranty.

Voided Warranty

This Lifetime Labor Warranty is voided under the following circumstances: The work is not included in the project description on the original Alco Products Company Inc contract; the customer has not made final payment for the project; the customer has had someone else attempt to inspect or repair the problem before allowing Alco Products Company Inc to assess and x the problem.

Complete Agreement

Customer acknowledges that this Labor Warranty constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and that NO representation, whether oral or in writing, shall in any way alter the terms of this Labor Warranty. Furthermore, nothing in this Labor Warranty shall in any way restrict the right of Alco Products Company Inc to bring action against the customer for non-payment.