Common Window Replacement Styles

Popular window styles DC

Replacement Windows 101

When old, damaged, or inefficient windows leave your home vulnerable to leaks, it’s time for a window replacement with Alco Products. Worn out windows can cost you extra in utilities bills throughout the year. They leave your home drafty and cause temperatures to fluctuate in your home, decreasing indoor comfort.

When it’s time for replacement windows, take a look at a few things before choosing which style will add up to the best overall look and function for your home.

How many windows do you plan to replace?

If your home needs replacement windows throughout it, take a look at what different styles can do for top curb appeal, best functionality, and overall enjoyment. Ask a home exterior professional for input on style options, designs, and the best look for your home. If you only need one or two new windows, it may be smart to stick with the same window style that you currently have in your home.

What is your home’s architectural style?

Your home’s style and the period in which it was built can give you important clues on what type of window style to choose. Modern and farmhouse design homes look fabulous with double hung windows. Historic homes look great with period-specific materials such as wood-clad windows or fiberglass windows that mimic the look of wood.

What Are the Most Popular Replacement Window Styles in D.C.?

Add a beautiful focal point to your home’s architecture with window replacements that boost your home’s beauty both indoors and outdoors.

Check out these popular replacement window styles that solve common home window problems in the D.C. area:

Double HungDouble Hung Window

This familiar window style consists of two large sashes (the frame units that surround your window’s glass panels). The window slides up and down vertical tracks. These are great for traditional homes and also found in traditional modern homes; Farmhouse and Bungalow style homes use double hung windows extensively. These gorgeous windows are made by a variety of manufacturers, reasonably priced, and readily available. Their tracks don’t accumulate dirt (like slider windows do with their horizontal track).

Single HungSingle Hung Window

While double hung windows open from the bottom up and the top down, single hung windows open only from the bottom up. They offer added security and energy savings for your home, along with easy cleaning.

CasementCasement Window

These beautiful windows crank open horizontally on hinges mounted on one side at their top and bottom. They open like a door—with one side remaining connected to your home, while the other side opens to the great outdoors. These are popular replacement windows (second only to the ever-popular double hung window). If you love fresh air inside your home and enjoy a breeze inside, these are a fabulous option for you. They catch the breeze and guide it right into your home. Their seal is super strong, so they benefit your energy savings.

EgressEgress Window

Used primarily in basements for escape and rescue purposes, these windows will also help bring natural light into your D.C. basement.


Sliding WindowSliding windows (also called gliders) are popular for Mid-Century Modern homes. They give you outstanding views of the outdoors, and slide to open. One window is fixed and the other glides horizontally along their tracks. Their ability to glide rather than open outward allows them to be quite large, giving you an attractive option when oversized windows bring out the best in your home. Their ease of opening and closing and tight seal increase your energy savings throughout the year. And they are easy to clean!

AwningAwning Window

Awning replacement windows open upward, and their hinges connect the top of the window to your home. Because the whole window opens upward, you get great ventilation from them. Due to their design, awning windows give you airflow even when it’s stormy out. They aren’t as easy to clean as double hung windows, but they have other amazing features such as their ability to offer you added safety since they are so difficult to enter based on their design. They are often used in low-level areas—like basements—where intruders could be a problem, or in wet climates where you desire to open the windows even when it’s raining.

PicturePicture Window

A classic picture window uses a glass pane fixed within a window frame that doesn’t open or close. These visual beauties deliver great views and an abundance of natural light into your home. They don’t open to bring fresh air into your dwelling, but they pack a visual punch with their design statement.

Bay & BowBay Window

Do you desire to create a design statement with windows? Bay and bow windows may be worth considering. Whether used for a reading nook in your bedroom or study, or used to brighten your kitchen nook with natural light and great views, bay windows offer an aesthetically pleasing option for your home. They expand the look of any room they are in and offer a beautiful possibility for visual interest in your home. Similar to a bay window, a bow window uses a curved architecture and more glass panels, giving you stunning views of the outdoors, and a beautiful focal point to enjoy inside your home.

Material Options for Window Frames

The above window replacement styles come in a variety of materials:


Marvin Fiberglass Windows


Provia Vinyl Windows

Wood Clad

Marvin Wood Clad Windows

Aluminum Clad

Provia Vinyl Windows

Window Pane Choices

While both single and double pane window options are available, D.C. homeowners primarily choose double pane for their added energy efficiency and decreased noise intrusion.

Premium Replacement Windows for Your D.C. Home

At Alco Products, we install only the finest window products: premium Marvin Windows in fiberglass or wood clad, or ProVia® vinyl windows. We’re here to help you find the right combination for your home and budget. Check out our Window Replacement Guide and gallery of replacement window projects.