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Having trouble getting enough light into your basement? Whether you have an unfinished basement or a finished basement, if it’s not bright enough to enjoy, basement windows can change that by bringing the natural light needed to boost the atmosphere and brighten the space.

When choosing the right basement (egress) replacement windows, it pays to invest in windows that will stand the test of time in the Maryland climate. Alco Products helps homeowners assess their specific needs and choose which type or style of basement window is best for their unique needs.

Here are some factors to evaluate before purchasing basement replacement windows:

  • Discover if you need to install windows that open for safety—Check with your local ordinances to learn the requirements for egress windows in your area. Basement egress replacement windows open so that people can escape the basement in case of emergency. In general, building codes state basements should have at least one egress window for the safety of you and your loved ones. Also, each basement bedroom should have at least one egress window.
  • Understand the required egress windows specifications—The clearance necessary for an egress basement window is 5.7 square feet, and offers safety to you and your loved ones. For safe exits and easy access in case of the need for rescue, windows must be able to be opened without using a special tool.
  • Consider how much space you have to work with above ground—The amount of space above ground that can be used for basement windows can impact the size and style of window options you choose.
  • Reflect on the current lighting scheme in your basement—Most basements need all the light they can possibly get, so adding or replacing basement windows will lift the general atmosphere and brighten the overall mood. Adding attractive windows to your basement can drive out the gloomy look of most basements, and create a space in which you desire to spend time.
  • Expect to save on utilities with new basement windows—ENERGY STAR® windows keep heat in your home each winter, and cool air in your home throughout the summer. They can save you on utilities year-round, so they are worth the investment.
  • Don’t worry about causing your furniture to fade—The Low-E coatings on today’s windows reduce the fading of furniture fabrics by up to 75%, so there’s no need to worry about harming your furniture when you get basement window replacements.
  • Know the vital importance of professional installation—A water seal is one of the most important aspects of your basement windows. Avoid the unwanted inconvenience of moisture damage (like flooding) in your basement by entrusting the highly trained, experienced contractors at Alco Products with your window installation. It’s highly important that your basement windows are installed properly to avoid moisture leaks as well as heating and air leaks. Don’t allow your windows to contribute to a damp basement problem. Minimize condensation on window panes with regulated temperatures on the inner surface of the glass.
  • Ponder any future remodeling plans for your basement—Windows that open can help ventilate when you paint, lay carpeting, or do other remodeling projects in your basement, decreasing the toxins that infiltrate during typical remodels.
  • Think about how to deter theft when you have basement windows— Professionally installed windows offer added safety for you and your family. Additionally, bars and screens can help avoid burglaries.
  • Discover if the drafts in your basement are due to faulty windows—One of the easiest ways to confirm your need for new windows is to check the comfort level near the window. If temperatures fluctuate throughout the room due to faulty windows, it’s time for replacements.

Common types of basement replacement windows

  • Awning windows—Hinge from the top
  • Hopper windows—Hinge outward from the bottom
  • Casement windows—Hinge open from the side (the most popular egress basement windows)
  • Sliding windows—Open horizontally

Marvin Windows for optimal performance and savings

Alco Products is proud to install top-of-the-line Marvin windows. We choose Marvin for a variety of reasons:

  • ENERGY STAR® rated Marvin products offer homeowners consistent savings due to their energy efficiency.
  • Marvin windows offer homeowners the durable, long-term performance they’re looking for in window replacements.
  • Marvin windows give homeowners indoor comfort year-round, eliminating the problems that come with leaky windows.
  • The minimal environmental impact of Marvin windows makes them an attractive option for environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Homeowners consistently enjoy peace of mind knowing their home is fortified with Marvin windows.

Common replacement window materials

  • Fiberglass—This popular, durable, high performance window material can offer homeowners many years of usage and still look new.
  • Vinyl—This budget friendly window material is often used in starter homes and rental properties.

A finished basement offers added square footage to enjoy in your home. Its everyday function can boost your satisfaction of daily life. Think of the memories you can make with your children, grandchildren, and friends in a freshly remodeled basement that has the ample lighting replacement windows offer.

The Alco Products Difference

Alco Products has installed windows, siding, roofing, doors, and more in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. area for over 60 years. Here’s what homeowners love about the reliable service they receive from the pros at Alco Products:

  • Premium products
  • Expert installation
  • Prompt, professional service
  • Proper licensing and bonding
  • Liability and compensation insurance to protect homeowners
  • Custom installations
  • Committed compliance to installation best practices
  • Proven track record
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Replacement window installation is not a DIY project. Avoid the hassles of window installations by hiring the best home remodelers in the area. Get peace of mind knowing your home is in the well qualified, highly trained, and experienced hands of the skilled professionals at Alco Products.

Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland window installations are done with premium materials and great attention to detail by the pros at Alco Products. See our installation process to find out more about the quality craftsmanship our company has provided the DC Metro area for over 60 years.